Know the Difference | Legal Representation

Being charged criminally is overwhelming. Choosing the right lawyer can help guide you through this difficult time. A lot of accused persons do not know that they have options. Just like any good coach, a good lawyer knows the terrain. They understand your position and the odds against you. They are invested in you . They are in your corner at all times. A good lawyer is there to help you make an informed decision.


How Can You Judge If You Are Represented Properly?

  • Are they listening to you?
  • A good lawyer will listen to your concerns and needs.
  • Do they understand the result that you want?
  • Are they managing your expectations?


Are they pushing you to a decision you don’t want to make?

  • A good lawyer would never push you to make a decision that you are uncomfortable with.
  • A quick decision does not always favour your best interests.


How much interaction do you have with them?

  • How much time do you really need to spend with your lawyer is up to you.
  • At the end of the day you need to feel that you are in good hands. You should be able to speak your mind, understand the decisions you need to make and feel open and free to discuss any confidential matters with your counsel.