Life After a DUI | How to get Your License Reinstated?

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Frequently Asked Questions:   Q: What are the penalties for impaired driving conviction?   Impaired Driving   To begin, each impaired driving charge carries its own minimum sentence of a fine and driving prohibition.   The minimum fine is $1,000 for each offence (plus victim fine surcharge) and a 1 year driving prohibition on each […]

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Breathalyzer Refusal | What You Need To Know

Refusing to “Blow” If the police suspect that you have been drinking and driving, they will ask you for a breath sample. You will be asked to breathe into an ASD. This is typically referred to as a roadside police demand. If you do not comply, you will be charged with refusal.   What is […]

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Drinking and Driving | RIDE Program

Understanding Your Rights   It you drive past a RIDE sobriety check-point, it is important to know your rights. RIDE Programs allow the police to make a quick determination of whether or not you have been drinking. If you have been drinking, the police will investigate whether you are a) driving impaired by alcohol, or b) over […]

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